Michelle K Dancing in San Francisco

I recently began a project exploring different types of movement, dance, etc. I am trying to capture beauty in movement when it’s done both by professionals with years of training and a genetic predisposition, and by people like me who move like they are caught in an invisible net. A couple of days ago I had the rare privilege of making some photographs with a talented and charming young woman named Michelle who clearly falls into the former category. And a huge thanks to Sherri Siegel who made an already beautiful woman simply stunning. Here are a few samples from that day.


  1. my favorite is the fifth one down. it takes my breath away, as did watching michelle dance and stephen capture her movements. so glad I could be there. poetry in motion, truly 🙂

  2. This woman was amazing…so agile! I can’t believe some of those movements; the third from the bottom is insane. And you captured them all right at each precise zenith Stephen. You both are truly gifted with talent.

    I collaborated on a movement piece back in November, in Sunnyvale. I was so proud of leaping a foot in four-inch heels…ha. 🙂 Think Michelle has me outclassed.

    Looking forward to our Renaissance shoot now even more than before!

  3. I also love the fifth one down, and the third from the bottom and 7th from the top – awesome photos, what amazing color! Is there a way to “like” individual photos?

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