Say Hay Farms

I have a friend, Chris Hay, who is a farmer up in Woodland (near Davis), Calif. Recently I spent the morning hanging out with him, his dog Clover and his chickens. Say Hay Farms is a small (eight-acre) farm where he raises organic vegetables and eggs in an ecologically sustainable manner. His philosophy comes through in this brief description from his website: “Our hens cruise our pastures in their custom-designed mobile homes, foraging on pasture grass and eating organic feedstock supplemented with live ferments, botanicals, and flaxseed. Our organic crops are fertilized by our team of hens and resident horses as well as compost teas.”

Unloading from the weekend. Monday mornings typically start a bit later and move a bit slower than the rest of the week.

Now this is what a farm should look like!

Everybody is in a hurry for breakfast…except for that one girl in the middle who clearly has more manners than the rest.

Clean chickens are happy chickens. Seriously, this is by far the cleanest chicken coop I have ever seen.

One more chicken photo. I had to put this girl in, she was just magnificent  the way she was posing for me.

A couple of guys, an old truck, a dog…that’s farming.

These are just pretty, nothing else. It kind of amazing, isn’t it, that something so beautiful is being grown to feed the chickens?

This is what you call fresh produce.

And this is how you pick it.

Even Mondays are long days, but I can’t think of a more important job. Can you?

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