Lucy II

This was my second shoot with my newest model, Lucy. We shot in my studio this time and had a blast with a variety of outfit changes and looks. Lucy has a nice easy manner and works well with the camera, as you’ll no doubt see from the shots below.

Lucy has such an amazingly expressive and dynamic face, which allows me to capture images like the one above.

Impromptu and unplanned movements and poses usually produce the best images.

Real moments like this one above are what I strive for in all of my photography.

Simple dress, simple pose, nice clean lines. Images like this can be very powerful because of their straight forward simplicity. This was one of my favorites.

To borrow a phrase from a friend of mine, “she’s wearing the hell out of this dress.”

I love this image. You really get a sense for Lucy and her mischievous energy, and her tattoo really accentuates the lines of the dress.

My neighbor’s truck made its way into the day’s shoot. This is a nice example of how simple objects (like a beat up, rusted out truck), can really add quite a bit to a shoot if you used in the right way.

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