Wedding Photography Workshop

Well, it’s been about a month since it ended, but the excitement and inspiration are no less today than they were in the midst of it. I’m talking about the wedding photography workshop I attended in Atlanta from November 16-18. Hosted by Denis Reggie at his home in Atlanta and co-taught by Joe Buissink, this workshop far exceeded any expectations I had. I’ll start off by saying that these guys are, without a doubt, two of the best wedding photographers in the world. They are masters at the peak of their craft, and amazingly they spent more than 30 hours over three days with a group of nine eager-to-learn photographers sharing everything they knew. The boundlessness of their generosity, combined with their unbridled enthusiasm and passion for their work as well as the breadth and depth of their experience were nothing short of astounding; they taught technique, style, attitude and etiquette. They explained their business approach and their social approach. They talked about wedding photography (and photography in general) from an artistic perspective and from a life choice perspective. They brought passion, reason, insight and a harsh dose of reality. If you are thinking of taking a photography workshop and have even the slightest interest in shooting weddings, attend this workshop. And if  you have absolutely no interest in wedding photography, take it anyway, you’ll be committed to it as a career by the end of the three days.

If you want to find out more about the workshop, you can do so by going to the website. I’d also recommend that you check out both Denis‘ and Joe‘s sites.


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